Internship and thesis opportunity at Rural Sociology Group

Looking for an internship or thesis project about local food or community gardens? Check out these options at the Rural Sociology Group!

Development strategies for a local food project
Onderzoek Buurtmoestuinen (dutch only)

Thesis/internship opportunities at RotterZwam!

cropped-RotterZwam-logo2_3kleuren__ai__1_pagina_1RotterZwam is a young company growing edible mushrooms in the abandoned swimming pool building in Rotterdam. As if that’s not cool enough, using the principles of blue economy, the company grows their mushrooms on used coffee and delivers them directly to their customers, producing zero waste and having a producer-to-customer distance of less than 10 kilometers.

RotterZwam could use some help expanding their production and building on their knowledge and they invite students to contribute to their project.

Possible activities
There is a lot to do, and the activities will be tailored to the needs of the students and company. The possible activities could include:
* Testing coffee grounds before use for Oyster mushroom farming
* Testing coffee husk before use for Oyster mushroom farming
* Testing coffee grounds after use for Oyster mushroom farming
* Testing coffee husk after use for Oyster mushroom farming
* Test different kind of composting [thermophilic, tiger worm, bokashi]
* Specifying nutrient contents and advising on different ways of composting [or no composting]
* Check for impact of different ingredients in the substrate
* Check nutrient en toxicity levels in [different] coffee grounds

Expected skills
* Good communication skills
* Be knowledgeable on topic
* Interested in urban farming
* Interested in making new connections [between urban and traditional farming]

If you are seriously interested in the above mentioned topics, send your CV and motivation letter to (Mr) Siemen Cox at