November Plastic Month

Green Office, WEP and RUW are seeking attention for the worldwide problem of plastic. Since its discovery plastic has conquered the world. Plastic can be found anywhere; in the city & nature, on land & sea, in people & animals. Our short term relationship is having some serious long term effects. November will therefore be about plastic in all its forms. The plastic problem will be viewed from different angles through documentaries, excursions, inspiring lectures and workshops.

3 November – Kick Off
7 November – Film ‘Waste Land’
12 November – Lecture on Bioplastic
15 November – Workshop on Reducing plastic waste
19 November – Lecture: Plastics in nature
26 November – Workshop SinterWaste
29 November – Excursion Plastic Recycling Station

If you want to keep up to date with upcoming activities and read more background information take a look on our Facebook page (to be announced shortly).