The RUW Team

RUW has 3 coordinators, board members, an excursion commission and volunteers. The board consists of six persons: Chair, Treasurer, Commissary Internal Affairs, Commissary External Affairs and a Secretary. The board works on the vision and policy of RUW, supporting the coordinators, promotion, (financial) administration and networking.

Also there are three coordinators employed. There is one senior coordinator and there are two junior coordinators. The coordinators organise the awesome events of RUW.

The abroad excursion commission (Dutch: ‘Buitex’) organises the yearly study trip abroad. Last summer we went to Copenhagen to learn more about urban-rural relations.

Furthermore RUW has volunteers that like to do a variety of activities. These activities include organisation of single events, putting up posters, designing posters or flyers and assisting during events.

Linda Calciolari (Chair)

img_9598Hello everyone! I am Linda, currently chair-woman of RUW foundation. After studying 3 years in Wageningen International Land and Water Management I just started my MSc in Plant Sciences. I applied for this position because I think that the actual student-generation should be able to broaden their knowledge on sustainability in order to create a greener future. Therefore I am looking forward organizing nice, informative and fun activities with RUW, not only around sustainability but also self-development topics. So far this experience is helping me a lot already in improving my organization skills and I met very nice pro-active people between the board and coordinators.

Eunice Wangari (Internal Affairs)

Hey everyone, I am Eunice, the current Internal Affairs Commissioner at RUW. I am Kenyan and came to Wageningen in February 2016. I am a 2nd year Master Environmental Sciences, Policy development with a special focus on Sustainable Development Diplomacy. I am passionate about sustainable agricultural practices, traveling, connecting people to food and having fun while doing it. I like organizing and attending events that give insights on different ways of addressing local and global challenges. Being a board member at RUW gives me an opportunity to explore the various solutions and approaches to tackling the issues of sustainability.  I believe that every small individual action contributes to the world’s problems or solutions, and I choose to be act towards the solution to sustainable food systems. The RUW team is very helpful and makes WUR feel like home away from home.


Maria-Franca Dekkers (Secretary)
Hi There! My name is Maria-Franca Dekkers and I am currently the secretary of the RUW Foundation. During my Bachelor of International Land and Water Management I did a lot of extra activities. I have always love to do this, because it broadens personal development and my perspective on my own study and on interesting political and sustainable debates. So now that I will start my masters in Land and Water Management and Plant Science I am very happy with this opportunity to continue being active in the green student sector of Wageningen. I hope I can assist the board and coordinators in organizing many more interesting and meaningful activities. I am looking forward to meet you there!


Pauline Buffing (Treasurer)

paulineHi everyone! My name is Pauline Buffing and I am the treasurer of the RUW foundation. After I finished my bachelor in Leiden, I started the master Forest and Nature Conservation here in Wageningen. In Leiden I have been active in my rowing association and did a lot of committees. I wanted to continue committee-work in Wageningen and I was thrilled when I discovered the RUW Foundation. What I like about the RUW foundation is that the readings cover the different study areas of the University. It challenges you as a student to think about topics beyond your own discipline. I hope you are up to broaden your horizon and you will join us in one of our activities

Erik-Jan van Oosten (Senior coordinator)

EJfotoHi, I am Erik-Jan and RUW Foundation’s senior coordinator. As a recent-graduated MSc. Urban Environmental management at the Wageningen University I’ve learnt that sustainability is, despite being a universally accepted and applauded goal, something we have surprisingly little consensus on. In my opinion we do not discuss the bigger picture of sustainability enough with each other. This is where I’ve been working on at RUW foundation: widening and deepening the debate on this essential topic. 
My ambition is to collaborate with other the green organisations, especially by strengthening the Green Active Network. There are just so many interesting aspects of sustainability that deserve an event (degrowth, resilience and ecological economics to name just a few) that I see many possibilities to keep the increasingly overhyped concept of sustainability interesting and fresh. Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating or follow me on twitter to join the debate!

Roos Akkerman (Junior Coordinator)

roosHi everybody! I am Roos, a junior coordinator at RUW. I almost finished my MSc Biotechnology, I am very curious, I love to cook and I can never sit still for a very long time.
 After some experience in event organising at Green Office and in the AID board it is great to start a new challenge at RUW. I really see this as an opportunity to organise activities which explore in-depth the very wide range of aspects and opinions related to sustainability. I think that understanding many different views on a topic will enhance collaborations between all kinds of people. This is important, because if we really want to change something we will have to work all together to make big dreams come true 🙂
 I hope to meet you soon!

David de Winter (Junior Coordinator)

davidHi, this is David, one of the new Junior Coordinators of StichtingRUW. I’m fairly new to the city of Wageningen > it was only last september that I came here to start a Climate Studies master program. Although I have been engaged with the sustainability challenge all throughout my education the sheer complexity of this challenge sometimes bewilders me. It is at these times that I’m forced to return to what I think is the essence of sustainability; small and cooperative practice. Exactly this realization motivates me to start collaborating with all the people involved with stichtingRUW this year. To add, I would like to invite anyone interested in the idea and realization of ‘transformative’ education to get in touch with me! It would be really cool if we could make this happen!