The Future Table

To support the festivities around WUR’s 100th birthday, RUW facilitated a group of highly motivated and creative students to make a documentary about the future of food. The documentary is called The Future Table, and the team had the challenge of showing Wageningen’s different visions on how we should design our food system.

The biggest challenge was to think about how to show different views in the same place.

  • What do insects have to do with health?
  • What does organic agriculture have to do with innovation?
  • What does food waste have to do with climate?
  • What are the different visions for the future of food?
  • And where do they meet?

And most important…

  • How can we show people that anyone can be part of a change in the world?

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.43.34.png

Photo: the power of a shoal

The documentary is inspired in the booklet written by Louise Fresco and Frans Kampers called Food Transitions 2030. In that book, they showed with an interdisciplinary vision, how can we transition to a sustainable food system by focusing on 4 main challenges: health, innovation, climate, and circularity.

Check out our trailer:


We are also happy to introduce the team:

DSC03289From left to right: Emily (Narrator), Thais (Director), Mehrab (Photography and Visual Effects), Wytse (Cameraman and Editor), Elena (Researcher and Interviewer)… And Benji, Elena’s son and trailer-star.

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