Urban Greens Rural Blues

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Since 2008 more people live in cities than in rural areas. The world population is increasing and UN predictions indicate that we will reach a staggering 9.6 billion people in 2050. And urbanisation is expected to continue. The pressure on urban areas is increasing with growing issues and challenges as a result; concerning the urban environment, waste management, traffic, housing, food supply and healthcare. Rural areas also face challenges, such as declining soil productivity, competition for scarce water resources and the need to increase production for a growing population. These challenges demand sustainable responses.

In this respect, there are many exciting developments in rural and urban areas. Ecologically sound production methods, increasing consideration for animal welfare, green rooftops, community gardens, clean building technologies and successful local food projects are among such developments.

With the year theme ‘Urban Greens, Rural Blues’, RUW explores current and future issues and challenges in rural and urban areas all over the world. We will also focus on innovative ideas and initiatives for sustainable development. How do they help to (re)shape the future of the city and the countryside? And what does all of this mean for rural and urban landscapes and interconnections?

We invite experts, policymakers and people working in the industrial sector or at innovative and inspiring projects to share their knowledge and perspectives with us!

Join the discussion with RUW in 2014!

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Previous themes:

  • 2013: Glocalise
  • 2012: Living with water
  • 2011: A new view on growth
  • 2010: The rural idyll
  • 2009: Green economy
  • 2008: City = countryside

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