Currently all coordinator and board functions are filled for the Foundation. However, there is ample opportunity to join either as an intern, journalist/editor, or reflective member in the ‘Re-imagined University’ project. Find out about what profiles we are generally looking fo, how free you can be, and what we can offer you in return:

What is RUW?

At RUW we work together with an enthusiastic team that enjoys spending time and work on creative projects. As a board member, you contribute to the general policy of RUW foundation, propose and shape ideas and activities, direct and support coordinators. Together we facilitate the exchange of views between students, scientists, policy makers, industry and other relevant actors


  • You are a bachelor or master student or recently graduated;
  • You have an affinity for the themes RUW foundation covers;
  • You are enthusiastic about working and committing to an idealistic organization;
  • You are an active and creative person, feeling at home in a team and able to work independently;
  • You are in Wageningen for the coming years

We offer

  • The ideal opportunity to expand your network and gain work experience as a student or graduate;
  • An informative opportunity within an organization with over 30 years of experience;
  • The opportunity to organize activities about topics of your interest;
  • The possibility of deciding how you want to contribute to RUW foundation both time and input wise;
  • A financial contribution for your commitment;


If you would like to apply for one (or all) of these board member positions, please send a small introductory message + your CV to our email;

If you are still in doubt and would like extra information, feel free to also contact us through e-mail or call one of our coordinators at 06-48635314