2015: Resource Revolution

CaptureOver the past years it has become clear that many of our resources are under pressure. Due to the extraordinary economic growth, the high urbanisation rate and several industrial and technological developments, many resources will be used up soon. Besides, many resources are unevenly distributed which lead to ecocatastrophes, climate change and (international) conflicts.

As a reaction, all over the world new ideas and approaches about resource management are emerging. Many innovative, inspiring and promising projects and technologies are developed. Some examples are: Green Economy, Cradle to Cradle, Biobased Economy, Closed Loop Systems, Circular Economy and Blue Economy. In general, the ultimate goal is to find an equilibrium between the economic possibilities, the social needs and the ecosystem resilience.

What can we learn from such ‘green and blue’ approaches of natural resource management and their implementation? Will this be enough to change our view about the (re-)use of resources in time? Are these developments a start of a Resource Revolution?

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