Happy Ethics with Floris van der Berg

In the last edition of the sustainability bookclub we discussed ‘de vrolijke feminist’ (the happy feminist) together with its author Floris van der Berg.

The book is part of Floris his drive to create a framework of thought that can be used to morally evaluate cultures and traditions.

Want to see if he succeeds? Than try his new book ‘De Olijke Atheist’ (in dutch), which is published april 26 at Houtekiet

One World Week – Intercultural communication; beyond stereotypes

RUW is hosting an intercultural communication workshop during the One World Week festivities at WUR (6th of April)

In this workshop, given by guest lecturer Marcel van der Poel, we look at culture, cultural differences and intercultural communication beyond the clichés and the stereotypes. Through a range of exercises and interactive assignments you will actively explore the impact of intercultural sensitivity when dealing with dissimilar others. In debriefs we share the underlying concepts and models – but always in a very concise manner, leaving ample room for asking questions about the practical use of our culture-general learning.

The workshop will be facilitated in Room C104 of the Forum Building,

12:30-14:00, 06/04

Subscription is not necessary.