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JOIN RUW’S SUSTAINABILITY BOOK CLUB! The Book Club will have their first gathering during the Seriously Sustainable Week on Monday 10th of October 19.30 at Thuis. Please pass by if you are interested in discussing sustainability related books. If you cannot make it to our first meeting you can still subscribe by sending an e-mail to ruw@wur.nl

At the moment RUW Foundation is looking for a new internal commissioner and external commissioner.

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First Gathering Sustainability Book Club


Each month a group of dedicated book club members will meet up to discuss a newly published book or a classic related to the field of sustainability. Books that matter, like for example ‘This Changes Everything’ of Naomi Klein or perhaps ‘Laudito Si: On Care for Our Common Home’ by Pope Francis.  Everybody is welcome to join the Sustainability Book Club.

The Sustainability Book Club will be launched during the Seriously Sustainable Week on Monday 10th of October 19.30 at ThuisWe invite the people interested in joining the Book Club to come and we also encourage people to pitch books they want to read during this first gathering. After discussing the possibilities a book will be chosen which the Book Club members will read during that month. With this activity RUW Foundation hopes to explore topics more in depth and form a discussion platform.

If you are interested in having intelligent discussions, exploring new views to sustainability and meeting new people we invite you to join the Sustainability Book Club. To subscribe email ruw@wur.nl or pass by during the first gathering at Thuis (Stationstraat 32)

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